Here at Animal Medical Center, we provide you and your furry loved one with high quality, affordable veterinary care solutions such as:

    Veterinarian - Austin Animal Medical Center - Texas

  • Baths
  • Boarding
  • Emergency Service
  • Low Cost Dentistry
  • Low Cost Orthopedics
  • Low Cost Spay and Neuters
  • Low Cost Vaccines
  • Pet Insurance
  • Radiology
  • Ultrasound
  • Walk-in’s

Puppy & Kitten Exams

In order to determine the status of your young one’s present health we’ll schedule strategical visits throughout their first year. During these appointments we’ll treat for parasites, provide vaccines that protect from disease, and assess the need for care for your pet’s teeth. While you visit us, we’ll also offer valuable information about pet behavior, microchipping and spay/neuter surgery to make sure these options are right choice for you and your young friend.

Adult Dog & Cat Exams

Yearly exams for mature dogs and cats along with bi-annual exams for senior pets are strongly recommended. These exams focus on protecting your pet from the most common and severe illnesses. Also, this is how we establish a baseline for your loved one which assists in diagnosing any possible health problems in the future.


It’s vital your pet is vaccinated properly, and with the highest quality medicine. That’s not just coming from us, that’s also coming from the American Veterinary Medical Association and other well established associations. By vaccinating your pets, it protects them against infectious diseases and promotes a healthy life. The diseases these shots protect against can be life-threatening and certain diseases found in cats and dogs can be transferred to people… Yes, really! So, not only will vaccinating your pets protect them, it protects you and your loved ones too. We only use the best for your furry friend.

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