Low Cost  Pet Dental Services - Austin, TX - Elgin, TXDental care is a vital part of maintaining good health. We are encouraging all pet owners to provide good dental hygiene to their pets. This involves routing cleaning and polishing, as well as home care. There are no dental products that will remove tartar and calculus that has already accumulated on the teeth. This requires general anesthesia, scaling and polishing by trained veterinary professionally. Once the teeth have been professionaly cleaned, weekly maintenance at home will help to maintain your pet’s oral hygiene. Your pet will be sent home with a free dental kit which contains a toothbrush, toothpaste sample, food sample, and chew sample to help get you started.

The more tartar and calculus accumulation on an animals’ teeth, the longer and more involved the dental cleaning is. The prices reflect the fees for routine cleaning and polishing. There may be additional services required for your pet depending on the condition of the pets mouth.

Gingivitis is caused by constant exposure to bacteria that can damage your animal’s internal organs and shorten their life expectancy. To protect your pet, schedule a dental cleaning today if needed.

Cleaning and Polishing Prices (includes anesthesia): Prices vary come in for a brief dental exam for a more accurate estimate

Brief Dental Exam
As a part of our dental services, we provide the initial dental exam at no charge. Simply call to make an appointment! When you bring your pet in, your pet’s teeth will be visually inspected by our doctor to determine the grade (severity of the teeth), as well as check for any other obvious issues such as cracked teeth, loose teeth, or recessed gums. Following the dental exam, you will be provided with a written estimate for the procedure, and it is likely that we would be able to perform the cleaning that same day! Please call us for details.

Grade I Prophy / Polish