Low Cost Pet Vaccinations - Austin Animal Medical CenterVaccinations
Many of the diseases which were once very common among companion animals are now easily prevented and controlled through vaccinations. The technologies used to manufacture vaccines have come a long way to ensure that they are both safe and highly effective against disease when given correctly, and at the appropriate intervals.

Physical Examinations
Remember that for every year you have aged, your pet has aged 7 years, on average. That is a long time for changes to occur in the body. For this reason, we advise that your pet be thoroughly examined every 6 months. We will evaluate the health of your pet’s teeth, eyes and ears, skin and hair coat, body temperature, respiration, and heart rate. If any of these systems are abnormal, the doctor may advise further diagnostic testing.

Preventative Medicine
In addition to regular vaccines and examinations, it may be necessary for your pet to receive further preventative diagnostics in the form of blood screening and urine tests. We consider any animal over the age of 7 to be middle aged. By performing these tests on a yearly basis for our older companions, we are able to detect metabolic changed and disease at an earlier stage of progression.