Pet Surgery: Safe, Advanced Care for Our Patients

If your pet needs surgery, it's natural to have questions. We want you to know with confidence that you are making the best decision for your pet's health. Our experienced veterinarians perform various surgeries throughout the week, from low-cost spays and neuters to orthopedics.

Along with taking every step to make pet surgery as safe and pain-free as possible, we also aim to make it as affordable as possible. For any questions or concerns, we recommend that you consult with our team in Austin to put your mind at ease.

Talk to us about your pet's upcoming surgery.

Sleeping dog: Pet Surgery in Austin
Cat in carrier: Pet Surgery in Austin

Scheduling Surgery for Your Pet

Most of the surgeries in our hospital are performed on an outpatient basis so owners can pick up their pets the very same day. Drop-off time is from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. Please give yourself 10-15 minutes upon arrival to receive a cost estimate, fill out paperwork, and ask any remaining questions you have before your pet’s surgery.

Dog with cone: Pet Surgery in Austin

Surgical Services

Depending on the nature of your pet’s exam with us, they might need one of the following procedures:

  • Low-cost spay or neuter
  • Dental cleanings and/or minor oral surgery
  • Foreign body removal
  • Mass or tumor removal
  • Standard orthopedics
  • ...and more

Keeping up with your pet’s exam schedule helps us maintain an ongoing record of their health and medical history. Whenever we see something unusual, we can investigate further and, if surgery is needed, recommend a course of action to help your pet get healthy sooner.

Making Pet Surgery Safer

Custom anesthesia protocols, pain management, and continuous monitoring are all included in your pet’s surgical procedure. We use the most reliable and sophisticated equipment available to measure vital signs and ensure a smooth surgery from beginning to end.

Following surgery, our team will check on your pet to see that they are waking up safely post-anesthesia. We'll also ensure that they are able to eat, drink, and eliminate without difficulty.

When you arrive to pick up your pet, we will take about 10-15 minutes to go over your pet’s surgery with you and discuss post-op care instructions. Your pet’s recovery hinges on the care you provide for them at home, and we encourage you to be vocal with us about any questions you have about their recovery.